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Atualizado em: 12/08/2020

Dog Sitter for December 27 - Jan 2 in Principe Real

My husband and I have a 10 year old black lab/boarder collie mix named Sam. We are going away for the New Years on Holiday from December 27 - Jan 2 and are hoping to find someone who might be able to look after her . She is a very friendly, old dog who loves belly rubs and naps! She is good with children but can have problems with other dogs. Please...

Atualizado em: 27/09/2018

Looking for a regular dog sitter for my toy Goldendoodle

Hi! I recently moved from Los Angeles to Lisbon with my adorable toy Goldendoodle, Brian (5 kg, hypoallergenic), and am looking for a regular/permanent dogsitter for Brian for when I travel. He is very sweet, but takes a bit of time to warm up to strangers, which is why I would like the same person to care for him while I am away, so he will get to...

Atualizado em: 22/02/2018

I am looking for a petsitter for 2 dogs

Hello everyone! I am looking for a pet sitter how can take care of two dogs at her/his house for 8 days in in Julie /august/ September this year. I am not sure witch month yet. If you can pick them up too and return them that would be perfect. I have a jack Russel terrier 9 kilo (male)14 years and a mixed dog 19 kilo(female) 10 years. they have...

Atualizado em: 31/05/2020

Procuro alguem para cuidar do meu gato (13 dias)

Olá, Tenho um gato chamado Wally. Vou para fora durante 13 dias e precisava de alguém que cuidasse dele enquanto estiver longe. Ele tem medo de estranhos mas, ao se acostumar, é brincalhão e um animal de companhia. Responde quando lhe chamam, mesmo de longe e, por mais que esteja com medo/zangado não tem atitudes agressivas. Tem todas as vacinas...