Carolina C., dog-sitter em Lisbon

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  • Idiomas falados:
    Italiano (Língua materna) , Espanhol (Intermediário)
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  • Experiência profissional:
    1 ano de experiência
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For friendly Pets

Hello, I'm 21 years old Italian student, I'm here in Lisbon doing an internship in a Studio of Architecture.
I've always loved spending time with pets, in fact I usually take care of my friend's dogs or cats when they need.
It would be really nice to help you with your pet; if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask!

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Experiência profissional: 1 ano de experiência

  • De 05-2014 Até 06-2014

    I've been working for a friend who went away from home for two weeks so I took care of her puppy all day long.

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I'm really interested in Architecture so that when I'm not in the office or at the University I spend some time reading about it. Furthermore I like reading books in general and usually I also spend hours drawing. I also crop many afternoons to go to the gym.. mens sana in corpore sano! In the week end I enjoy going out with friends and, when it's possible, going for a walk with them and their furry friends!


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